Clouded Judgement 9.11.20

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Earnings Summary

Top 10 EV / NTM Revenue Multiples

Top 10 Weekly Share Price Movement

Update on Multiples

SaaS businesses are valued on a multiple of their revenue - in most cases the projected revenue for the next 12 months. Multiples shown below are calculated by taking the Enterprise Value (market cap + debt - cash) / NTM revenue. In the buckets below I consider high growth >30% projected NTM growth, mid growth 15%-30% and low growth <15%

Overall Stats:

  • Overall Median: 14.1x

  • Top 5 Median: 36.3x

  • 3 Month Trailing Average: 13.7x

  • 1 Year Trailing Average: 11.0x

Bucketed by Growth:

  • High Growth Median: 31.9x

  • Mid Growth Median: 15.4x

  • Low Growth Median: 9.0x

Operating Metrics

  • Median NTM growth rate: 18%

  • Median LTM growth rate: 31%

  • Median Gross Margin: 73%

  • Median Operating Margin (15%)

  • Median FCF Margin: 4%

  • Median Net Retention: 116%

  • Median CAC Payback: 32 months


  • Twilio announced that Deloitte Digital has joined the Twilio Build partner program as a premier Global Systems Integrator (GSI)

  • announced that Tom Clayton has joined the company on September 8, 2020 as the company’s first Chief Revenue Officer.

  • AppFolio Announced Sale of MyCase (a wholly-owned subsidiary) to Funds Advised by Apax Partners for approximately $193M in cash. MyCase provides legal practice and case management software solutions

  • RingCentral announced a $600M Convertible Note Offering

Comps Output

Rule of 40 shows LTM growth rate + LTM FCF Margin. FCF calculated as Cash Flow from Operations - Capital Expenditures